Hello! I just wanted to share one of the recent clients we’ve had, a local limo business in San Diego that has used our services with web media design. I wanted to share their website, and their awesome limo company so that you can see our work first hand.

We are currently helping them create a video for their awesome fleet of custom limousines.

This is no ordinary limo service, they completely customize your experience depending on the occasion you are planning.

They do custom service for bachelor parties, birthdays, anything you can think of and even have a list of recommendations for you to enjoy your afternoon in a fine limousine.

This is a local company in San Diego that does limo services for the community.

The website we designed for them is completely custom to the owner’s specifications and is definitely worth a look as the result is a beautiful site showing all of the limo services they offer in San Diego.

It really has never been easier. With professional contact forms, and quality service matched, we’ve brought this business owner the best of “internet meets local” services.

Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself at limo San Diego, their custom design name. Their actual business name is San Diego Limousine and we were fortunate enough to be offered free limo service in San Diego while we visited to discuss the details for the new website.

The owner Ryan was quoted as saying “you guys did all of this? And in just 2 months? Wow! Thank you”.

He is extremely happy with the service we’ve provided and we just wanted to share this with you to show our unmatched work here at Wayne’s Ville Web Media. This San Diego limo service is where great business meets internet for a fusion of fine performance as they have steadily seen sales increase!

We are also excited to announce that we are going to be working on the Party Bus aspect of their business very soon for any local event in San Diego.

Stay tuned for a YouTube video showing all of the greatest moments captured in these San Diego limo moments. And if you need a beautiful limo for any reason be sure to contact these guys while you are here because they truly do work to make sure the customers demands are fully met and we were incredibly impressed with the service.

When you’re venturing a limo in San Diego, definitely choose these guys!

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