So we recently just had a competition in El Cajon to see who the best taxi service is and we completely forgot to mention Blue Star el_cajon_taxiTaxi made it into the race (as you can see in our YouTube video).  So we wouldn’t to make sure we mention these guys and add them in there to the competition for the El Cajon Cab Race!  Blue Star Taxi excels in all of the following areas as far as a top rated taxi service in El Cajon.

These are the stats for Blue Star Taxi:

  • Price Affordability – Check
  • Driver Timeliness – Check
  • Quality Customer Service – Check
  • Call to Answer Timeliness – Check

So this company by far checks out in comparison to some of the companies we had mentioned before.  They have graded as s highly professional taxi service in the El Cajon area.  We clocked them in for our downtown route and they came in 2nd place right behind El Cajon Taxi Cab Service.

One of the main reasons they didn’t come in first is because sometimes they have too much business… Sounds weird right? Well, unfortunately (fortunately for them) they have so much business that sometimes they have to turn down customers because all of the cabs are currently out making other runs for customers.  It’s just the taxi El Cajon way, if you want quality sometimes you may have to wait a little bit.  But it beats people trying to get every last buck out of you that they can.

The good news is:

If you need a taxi service, this should show you which one to take when you’re in El Cajon.  If one doesn’t answer than surely the other one will which just gives you the ultimate competitive edge when you’re looking for a great taxi service in the East County area of San Diego (the beautiful).  SD the great as we like to call it, because everything is so luscious.

So when you’re out looking, no matter how late how drunk, give one of these guys a call and they will be able to escort you home safely in their really cool taxis.  (Taxis are better than Uber so don’t use those slobs) Haha. We thought we’d put that in there for good measure and some humor.  Feel free to visit us here at any time to see the latest scoop and what else is going on.



Everyone’s had those moments, that time when you just need a taxi cab to get out of dodge. Well, we’re coming to you live from El Cajon with the scoop on the best taxi cab services. Hold your lady’s hand, and your hats everyone, because this is about to get awesome.

So of a conducted study we recently did, we actually filmed a YouTube video where me, Jeff, and Ahamad called 3 different taxi companies to our rescue and drove to the same location just downtown to see who would be the quickest, the most well priced, and! Of course we save the best for last, the most fun and daring. Think of that NY game show but in reverse. Taxi cab millionaire.

So first off was of course, Yellow Cab – the “all four” company.

Secondly we had Blue Star Taxi Service.

And finally, we had El Cajon Taxi Cab Service.

Spoiler Alert! Do not read on if you haven’t seen the YouTube video.
Well ladies and gentlemen, here’s the scoop, we took these taxis from El Cajon all the way to downtown and the results are in: Yellow Cab took 15 minutes to reach our location, Blue Star took 15 minutes to reach our location, and lastly, El Cajon Taxi Cab Service took just 15 minutes to reach our location.

Yes, that’s right folks, these 3 taxis arrived at just around the same time within a minute of each other (which was really awkward actually) so we decided to spice it up a little bit. We let them know we were having a competition to up the ante. The Yellow Cab driver said okay that is cool and didn’t really seem to think much of it. The Blue Star Taxi Service was game for it and so was El Cajon Taxi Cab Service so with that, it was on. Now it had apparently seemed that the competition had dropped down to two. Who will win?

Now, before we go any further I do just want to mention that this does not reflect the actual service of the cab services.. This is merely a game we were playing and doesn’t reflect any of the companies involved. To be honest, anyone of those cab drivers could have worked for the other company and it wouldn’t have made a difference. This really comes down to the driver, not the actual companies. That being said, it’s all out of a fun – a game, and is not meant to be taken seriously.

Getting back into things,

Okay so the heat was on between El Cajon Taxi Cab Service and Blue Star Cab and we were wizzing through traffic with our Go-Pros live. And we reached our destination in  the El Cajon Cab Service first. Bet you didn’t see that one coming did you!? Yes, that’s right -and their price was fair. Actually Blue Star and El Cajon Taxi Cab were equally  priced and Yellow Cab was just a bit more.

So what does this all mean?

Well that’s the awesome part. It doesn’t really matter. We all had fun, and according to the stats, El Cajon Taxi Cab Service won and it was a great day. So to break the suspense so lightly but the YouTube video is going to be much more entertaining!

Happy Wayne Days.


Hello! I just wanted to share one of the recent clients we’ve had, a local limo service in San Diego that has used our services with web media design. I wanted to share their website, and their awesome limo company so that you can see our work first hand.

We are currently helping them create a video for their awesome fleet of custom limousines. Their limo service in San Diego is really going to improve with our help. And we just wanted to show you their site so you can get a really good idea of what we would be able to do for yours.

This is no ordinary San Diego limo service, they completely customize your experience depending on the occasion you are planning.

They do custom service for bachelor parties, birthdays, anything you can think of and even have a list of recommendations for you to enjoy your afternoon in a fine limousine.

This is a local San Diego limo company that does limo services for the community.

The website we designed for them is completely custom to the owner’s specifications and is definitely worth a look as the result is a beautiful site showing all of the limo services in San Diego that are offered.

It really has never been easier. With professional contact forms, and quality service matched, we’ve brought this business owner the best of “internet meets local” services.

Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself at limo San Diego, their custom design name. Their actual business name is bolded at the top and we were able to complete all of the work on their beautiful web site. The video will also include their actual fleet and the many limousines that they have. We were fortunate enough to be offered free limo service in San Diego while we visited to discuss the details for the new website.

The owner Ryan was quoted as saying “you guys did all of this? And in just 2 months? Wow! Thank you”.

He is extremely happy with the service we’ve provided and we just wanted to share this with you to show our unmatched work here at Wayne’s Ville Web Media. This San Diego limo service is where great business meets internet for a fusion of fine performance as they have steadily seen sales increase!

We are also excited to announce that we are going to be working on the Party Bus aspect of their business very soon for any local event in San Diego. We really just want to bring a new charge to local businesses because corporations often take over many areas and make it difficult for local business owners to be able to excel. With our service, we give you the immediate competitive advantage.

Stay tuned for a YouTube video showing all of the greatest moments captured in these San Diego limo moments. And if you need a beautiful limo for any reason be sure to contact these guys while you are here because they truly do work to make sure the customers demands are fully met and we were incredibly impressed with the service. One heck of a good way to take a limo, San Diego style.

When you’re venturing a limo service in San Diego, definitely choose these guys!

Hey, there! Welcome to Waynesvillewebmedia. The home of web and media design and how we implement these applications for local businesses to further excel and grab a further outreach to local customers.

We understand that local businesses owners are not always super “tech savvy” and that there is a lot of tough work when implementing newer technologies into web sites, YouTube videos, Press Releases and more. And that’s why we’re here: we want to help you expand and grow your local business to exponential proportions.

With our technology department, consider tough website design and media updates a piece of cake.

We will build your website, add the according media, whether it’s music, videos, embedded code, or something more. We will also upload all of the media to other sites, as well as your own including pictures.

On top of that, we can have your website fully designed so that you can focus on the business aspect of things. We let you focus on what’s important for your business, as you employ us.

Wayne’s Web Media knows technology.

Leave us a comment, interact with one another so we can help solve common problems and make hard business practice a thing of the past. :)